Welcome to Pacific Agricultural Laboratory!

Pacific Agricultural Laboratory is an analytical laboratory located in Portland, Oregon dedicated to the analysis of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides in a variety of matrices. From low level water monitoring to food and agricultural commodities screening, PAL is ready to help with any pesticides related analysis in a wide variety of sample matrices.

We offer testing for individual compounds as well as multiresidue screens in water, soil, and plant tissue. We are a customer driven company, and strive to meet the varied needs of our customers whatever they may be. Our goal is to provide excellent service, accurate and reliable analytical data and quick turn around times that satisfy customer requirements.

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Chain of Custody

ISO 17025 Certificate of Accreditation and Scope

Washington Department of Ecology Laboratory Accreditation

Oregon DEQ Guidance for Evaluating Residual Pesticides on Lands Formerly Used for Agricultural Production

• USDA Foreign Plant Tissue Permit & Shipping Instructions (Please inquire for copies of our permit and shipping instructions)